Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement

Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement Progressivism was a period of American history in which improving working conditions, improving the way of life, exposing corruption, expanding democracy and making reforms were the issues of this period. Also, the expansion of the federal governments powers, competition and economic distribution of wealth, and the social welfare of American citizens concerned many leaders during this time. During the Progressive Era business had a great influence on politics. They almost went hand in hand. However, the leading progressive political figures, Roosevelt, and Wilson were out to change things. Not only did the two leaders bring about new heights for government regulation, but they also set the standards for political intervention. Theodore Roosevelt was known as the “trust buster” and that is exactly what he did to help control big business. Roosevelt went in to these companies and helped to stop this type of monopoly. Roosevelt was also a big supporter of labor he tried almost everything and anything to help the citizens of the United States. President Wilson also tried to help and improve the conditions for workers he did this by adding the income tax. This really helped the poor because they were taxed less than big business men were. Wilson helped the economy by instituting a Federal Reserve Bank. All national banks were required to join this system. This bank system made a compromise between private and public control. Wilson also added a tariff called the Underwood Tariff, which lowered the price on imported goods. Although, Wilson accomplished many progressive oriented things during is presidency. The more progressive of the two is Teddy Roosevelt who accomplished many things during his four years in office. His accomplishments helped to pave the way for other progressive leaders such as Taft and Wilson. He had goals and appeared to have been very determi…

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