Theodore Roosevelt The Best President

Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt could be considered the best president of the United States because of his efforts made in 1904 to 1909 during his full term of being president. Not only did he help the country while president, but he also was a commander of the first U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment in the Spanish-American War, the youngest member of the New York assemble at the age of 23, the president of New York City Police Board from 1895- 1897, assistant secretary of the Navy, governor of New York, and Vice President of the U.S. With this background, Roosevelt became the youngest President in the Nations history at the age of forty-two. Theodore brought new excitement and power to the Presidency, as he vigorously led Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy. All of this helps to make President Roosevelt the best President of the United States of America. Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 at 7:45 p.m. at the family brownstone, 28 East 20th Street, New York City. He weighed 8 pounds and was described by his mother as a cross between a terrapin and Dr. Young(Doris Faber 175). Roosevelt was the second of four children; he had two sisters and a brother. His parents were Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and Martha Mittie Bulloch Roosevelt. As a young boy he was very sick with asthma so most of his childhood he spent in bed propped up or slouched in a chair. Because of Theodores many illnesses, he was tutored and learned fundamentals from his aunt Annie Bulloch. While studying German and French his tutor Anna Minkwitz predicted, he will surely one day be a great professor, or who knows, he may become president of the United States(Morris 73). As a teenager he joined the Dutch Reformed church. Theodore Roosevelt married Alice Hathaway Lee when he was twenty-two and she was nineteen on October 27, 1880 at the Unitarian Church in Broo…

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