Theology of Christian Leadership

Theology of Christian LeadershipOrder DescriptionFor this assignment, you will be required to thoroughly explain how Scripture aligns with your theory and practice of leadership. You will not be able to create a comprehensive analysis or theology of what Scripture says about Christian leadership in the 4?5 pages required for this assignment; however, you can choose 1 aspect of theology or Scripture and begin to detail how it points leaders to understanding and to creating a theology of Christian leadership. In your writing, make sure that your points are clear and succinct. Be sure to employ a careful and contextually sensitive hermeneutic in your analysis of the text (i.e. by referencing commentaries or academic treatments of theology rather than popular level approaches). Look at the authorial intent and relate what Scripture says about leadership or about theology and how this might apply to leadership. In this essay, you must have 1 main point (no more than 2 main points).Trying to go beyond 1 point will dilutethe substance of your writing. You should focus on going deeper rather than broader, so do not try to cover multiple aspects of theology. Spend time focusing and exploring a single point as thoroughly as you can.Your essay mustbe exactly 4?5 pages and include as many biblical references as needed, but do not rely on long block quotes to make your point. Also include applicable references to textbooks and additional research from scholarly commentaries, etc.

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