theoretical approaches or problem solving processes of Creativity

theoretical approaches or problem solving processes of Creativitywrite a creativity essay named ?Write a critical essay comparing and evaluating two theoretical approachesor problem solving processes of Creativity? You did very well.This task is following in this essay, but different one. It is about aEdfsign poster, I hav e made a poster is?Environment friendly -Wind Turbine? You could have a look in the filer, poster made.this task will combine the following partIntroductions and ConclusionsMeets the criteria for the chosen topicDemonstrate an abilityto apply creativ e problem solving methods in practiceResearch, datalinformation gatheringlprocessingPercentage of content as an OriginalworkCreativity of conceptKnowledge of theory and underpinned work with theoryWithin time allocatedAudibility and clarity?AnotherThe reference needed is depend on yours10.An invesigation into the role of the supervisory officer in the development of assessment policy and practices in primary education in saudi Arabia.Give a much clearer contextto what type/purpose of assessment you are exploring and begin to embed you thing in some of their literature.!

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