This assignment is designed to

This assignment is designed to demonstrate your facility with elements of research design, data collection and instrumentation. Please review mini papers that will be attached #1. 2. 3, especially the literature review and the Conceptual Framework. Please note I answered some of the questions below.Research Design, Sampling, Data Collection Procedures and Instruments Revisit the methods section of the 4 empirical studies reviewed for the research design, sample, and data collection procedures and instruments used. Give your paper a ?METHODS? section and address each of the following questions:1.Research Design:?What type of research design did the researchers use, or what design will you use for your original study??What is the rationale for the particular design selected in the GSS study or your own study??What are the strengths and weakness of study design or the one that you plan to use?2.Sampling (participant recruitment and procedures):?Define your study sample. Who are the people in your study? Women (elderly) Latina?What sampling strategy was used in the study, or will be used in your original study (probability/non-probability sample)??How many people are in your or the study? 1 person?What are the strengths and weaknesses of the sampling strategy used in the study or the one you will use for your original study??Give a detailed explanation of how will you recruit participants if you are doing an original study-the IRB looks at this component very critically. If you are using the GSS 2008, describe how the researches recruited study participants? The participant I will interview is an elderly Latina women who resides in a nursing home ?Buena Vida?.3.Data Collection and Instrumentation:?What data collection method(s) were used in the study or if you are planning to conduct an original study, what data collection method(s) will you use? Qualitative, I will be collecting the data from interviewing the participant.?If a questionnaire will be used, how will it be administered? If using the GSS 2008 study, describe how the survey was administered. I will be using a questionnaire, and I will be asking the participant the questions myself.?What are the strengths and weakness of the data collection method used in the study, or the original study you plan to conduct.

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