This can be from a museum, gal

This can be from a museum, gallery, or simply a piece of art you might own or come in contact with. I would like you to write a critique of this piece using the following format: Paragraph 1 ? Thisis an introduction of the piece. State the title, artist, medium and sized. You may also want to include where the piece is located etc. This is strictly a fact presentation Paragraph 2 ? Thisparagraph begins to interpret the piece. Is it dark and gloomy, light and whimsical? etc. Use some of the facts in paragraph 1 to help interpret the piece. For example, ?The use of acidic colorsand the thickness of the paint make this piece seem uneasy to the viewer. Because of the enormous size one feels overwhelmed by the experience of standing in front of it.? Paragraph 3 ?Assessment. This is where you take your interpretation and tell the reader if this piece is successful or a failure. Use specific interpretations to back up your argument.!

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