This term paper should be 3,00

This term paper should be 3,000 words, double-spaced, 12-point font (your reference list at the end of your paper is not included in your word count). This term paper requires you to not only review the literature on your chosen topic, but also to critically analyze the literature and topic area.? This term paper (3,000 words, double-spaced, 12-point) is a critical analysis of a topic area within the field of gerontology. The paper is to be based on a review of gerontological literature. Statements made in the paper should be supported by references to published peer-reviewed academic journal articles, book chapters, and books. Your paper must go beyond the material found in your course readings?you are expected to refer to at least 10 to 12 additional academic sources directly related to your topic.? Topic: There are different residential options for seniors, depending on their physical and cognitive status. Review the literature on the following community-based housing options:o Seniors? independent housing.o Supportive housing.o Assisted living.Describe the characteristics of each type of housing, including physical environments, services provided, and how these different options meet different needs.Grading Scheme:This assignment is worth 30% of your grade and will be graded out of 70 points.Quality of Paper Organization (5 points)Includes: Title Page; Proper introduction and conclusion; Use of headings and subheadingsQuality of Argument and Coherence (50 points)Includes: Clarity, sequencing, and coherence of arguments; Comprehensiveness of literature review; Critical analysis of the literatureQuality of Research Source and Accuracy (10 points)Includes: Completeness of search for references, and acceptable number of references; References are of acceptable quality (e.g., peer review) and up to date; Proper APA style referencing; Bibliography is properly formatted and lists the cited references in the correct sequence

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