This Way for the Gas Ladies and GentlemanA reflection on the book by Thadeus Borowitz

Between two throw-ins in a soccer game, right behind my back, three thousand people had been put to death. (page 84) Can you imagine? In a time period of probably ten minutes three thousand people were brutally killed in a gas chamber. This number is a minute figure compared to the millions and millions of people that were killed during this awful time period. In Tadeusz Borowskis book This way for the Gas,Ladies and Gentlemen, he portrays the awful mass murders, the competiveness, and the fear that these people experienced. How could people that were not Nazis go on killing? Why did they not revolt? The answer to these questions is fear. The Rottenfuhrer raised his hand and slammed him across the face with all his strength. (page 66) This man was punished because he did not stand at attention and take his hat off while addressing an officer. There were people that had lost all hope. These people were known as Muslims throughout the concentration camps. These individuals had been scarred so badly by what they had seen that they basically became vegetables. They walked around the camps with their heads down, waiting for their turn to go to the gas chambers. They had no will to live. The people that would be the most likely to revolt where the soldiers. These were prisoners that just had a little more luck. These people were the ones that were usually non-Jews that got put in the prisons for something that the Nazis felt was wrong. The only benefits that these soldiers had were they had a better chance of getting bread and a better chance of surviving. In the corners amid human excrement and abandonded wrist-watches lie squashed, trampled infants, naked little monsters with enormous heads and bloated bellies. We carry them out like chickens holding several in each hand. (page 39) This would be enough to make any person fall apart. However, living in fear drove them to be st…

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