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Over the past 25 years, management has emerged as the most sought after profession not only in the United States, but worldwide. Traditionally, managers orchestrate the activities of others and use financial and other resources to accomplish organizational goals. Nowadays, in the midst of corporate downsizing and global expansion, they also must orchestrate their own careers to get the most out of them. Are you a good ideas person looking for skills to make them happen? Do you lead a group in your school or community? Then Management may be the right major for you. There are thousands of management positions in the United States, ranging from chief executive officer (CEO) to shift supervisor. Persons filling these positions are involved in administration, supervision, and leadership. While the positions vary, the managers occupying them employ the same basic skills in carrying out their functions. Interpersonal skills are essential. At certain levels and in certain situations conceptual, technical, analytical, and diagnostic skills are also essential. During the early-career stage, the first challenge will be to get into an industry, company, and position that fit the needs, values, strengths, and weaknesses of the management candidate. During this time, a person attempts to gain valuable experience and increase his or her power in the organization. Paying attention to developing business knowledge, reputation, interpersonal skills, and informal networks are more important than getting rapid promotions and big pay raises. Persons with limited work experience must cope with longer hours, fewer vacations, more pressure to perform, and difficult coworkers and bosses. However, being given the opportunities to grow and develop will be much more important during this time than short-term benefits. Such opportunities can sharpen professional and social skills plus develop the manager’s ability to deal successfully with organizational po…

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