To answer this question, use t

To answer this question, use the Data Analysis Toolpack in Excel and select ?t-Test: Two-SampleAssuming Equal Variances? from the list of available tools. Explain your answer (how did you decide ifmen spend more) and include the output table. Some studies have shown that in the United States,men spend more than women buying gifts and cards on Valentine?s Day. Suppose a researcherwants to test this hypothesis by randomly sampling nine men and 10 women with comparabledemographic characteristics from various large cities across the United States to be in a study. Eachstudy participant is asked to keep a log beginning one month before Valentine?s Day and record allpurchases made for Valentine?s Day during that one-month period. The resulting data are shownbelow. Use these data and a 1% level of significance to test to determine if, on average, men actuallydo spend significantly more than women on Valentine?s Day. Assume that such spending is normallydistributed in the population and that the population variances are equal.Men Women107.48 125.98143.61 45.5390.19 56.35125.53 80.6270.79 46.3783.00 44.34129.63 75.21154.22 68.4893.80 85.84126.11Additional RequirementsLevel of Detail: Show all work

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