To demonstrate a number of artefacts encountered in practice in ultrasound

To demonstrate a number of artefacts encountered in practice in ultrasound,To design and build a phantom to demonstrate a number of commonly encountered artefactsLITERATURE REVIEW (With references)A) ARTIFACTSi) What are they in ultrasoundii) Why they are important and significant in everyday practiceiii) Type of artifacts, in common practice encounter in ultrasound (give overview)B) I WILL CONCENTRATE ON THREE ARTEFACTS IN DETAIL:1. ACOUSTIC SHADOWING ? Explain with an example, use gallstones, put picture of acoustic shadowing2. ACOUSTIC ENHANCEMENT ? Explain with example using cyst3. MIRROR IMAGE ARTIFACTS ? How significant are they in practiceTalk about physics, demonstrate the knowledge, shadowing -> gallstones, kidney stones.Accoustic Enhancement -> Cyst, simple CystC) ULTRASOUND PHANTOMS ? Talk about ultrasound phantom types (gel, rubber, graphite powder)D) TISSUE MIMICKING MATERIAL ? Talk about tissue mimicking material, why we use for testing)Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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