To Welcome With Open Arms

Many Americans have skewed notions about immigration, and those perceptions influence decision in Washington and presidential candidates on the campaign trail. Some people think immigration is out of control; a few suggest that it should be stopped altogether. The problem is that many people have illegal immigration and legal immigration mixed up. They think that because the first is a problem, the second must be a problem, too. But that is not the case. Legal immigration provides tangible benefits for our society. And besides, it’s actually declining in the United States, and has been for the last four years. So the idea that legal immigration is out of control is just plain wrong. The 720,000 legal immigrants admitted to the United States in 1995 represented a 10 percent decrease since1994 and a 20 percent drop from 1993, according to a new Immigration and Naturalization Service report. This nationwide decline is the greatest drop in immigration since World War II. Bibliography Bibliography 1. Barnard, N. P. (1995). The Reality of Animal Experimentation. Washington: Dryger Publishing. 2. Kaufman, S. R. (1995) Animal Experimentation. New York. Drake Press. 3. Hoeffer, T. & Hynes T. (1994) Animal Testing. Ontario: Trident Press. 4. Tinner, J.(1999, June) Animal Testing and Experimentation[Online] Available: 5. Lepner, J. (1998, July) The Dark Side[Online] Available: …

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