To what extent are human beings free?

Topic: To what extent are human beings free?Order DescriptionThese papers should be 3-5 pages (at least three pages, no more than five), double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font, or whatever the equivalent would be if youare using a program other than Microsoft Word. One other thing to mention about the papers is that the general structure of the paper should have your thesis statementas the first sentence of the first paragraph. The paragraphs of the body of the paper will expand upon each of the supporting reasons for your thesis statement. Pleasedo not worry about any kind of elegant literary style or flourishes. Your thesis statement should be clearly stated, and each one of your reasons should also beclearly stated, and should clearly link up with the main statement. your statement should not just be a yes or no answer to the question To what extent are humanbeings free? but should also provide some kind of underlying reason for why you think that is the case, and the statement may also suggest something about how you areapproaching the topic, although that is not necessarily essential:

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