Toms of Maine Company

Pre-modern, modern, and post-modern leadership qualities are present in the New York Times article entitled, God and Toothpaste. Tom Chappell, the C.E.O. and co-founder of Toms of Maine, which produces personal-hygiene items also, preaches to be an environmentally safe company with the help of God. Tom Chappell shows pre-modern leadership by being master and doing things such as closing the company to gather at an off-site location to discuss the companys commitment to the environment. It shows a very authoritarian role by Tom when he closes the plant, at a cost of more than $100,000 to insure that everyone is present. He shows to be a ruler by governing and ruling over the people by making decisions such as recalling products and firing people. In a modernist view, Chappell offers a panoptic leadership role over his company. From closing the plants, to recalling large products, and to firing people he watches over everyone and no one questions him. He is also the top head boss along with his wife who are the highest ranking people in the company who own a majority of the privately held company stock. Chappell offers post-modern leadership roles such as being a servant. He feels that if he is responsive to the employees families, the workplace issues and the needs of the communities then in turn the workers who are happy can then satisfy the customers through their commitment to their job to produce the best product. He is also a recounter of stories. He uses stories from personal experiences of his company and himself that he discusses in his book and at speaking engagements. He uses stories such as the recalling of his deodorants or the long years he had to wait to get the American Dental Associations seal of approval for its fluoride toothpastes, shelling out about 10 times the usual sum because the company refused to test its products on animals. He is a visionary and preaches what he believes…

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