Topic: Applying critical thinking concepts by the characters Tessa and Justin from the film The Constant Gardener

Order DescriptionThis paper should be a critical thinking essay applying critical thinking concepts. It would be helpful if you look up the Pearson textbook ThinkCritically, 2013 Edition, authored by Facione and Gittens. The characters from the film The Constant Gardener I want you to describe how theyutilize the critical thinking concepts from the textbook are Tessa and Justin. The critical thinking concepts I want you to use are the heuristics Usvs. Them, for example which discusses how they feel when they go up against the pharmaceutical company, which is the maker of the drug Dypraxa, andthe testing conductor ThreeBees. Another heuristic is called the Affect also known as Go with your Gut. Also the Optimistic Bias heuristic, whichis The tendency to underestimate our own risks and overestimate our own control in dangerous situations. Also discuss how Tessa displays ideologicalthinking through her actions and beliefs in the story. Specifically in regards to helping the Africans and with dealing with the big pharmaceuticalcompanies. Explain how Justin uses deductive or inductive reasoning to deduces that 1. the pharmaceutical companies will make money off of lettingDypraxa continue production. 2. Tessa wanted to stop Dypraxa production. 3. Tessa is dead. 4. Therefore the pharmaceutical companies killed Tessa.Discuss when Tessa and Justin use System 1 or System 2 thinking, which System 1 thinking is reactive and System 2 thinking is reflective.You can quote scenes from the film to describe the critical thinking concepts. You can use outside sources/reviews as long as you fully cite them inthe text (in-text citations) and on a Work Cited page, but I prefer if you can to stick to the textbook and film and work cite from textbook andfilm.Other important things to consider are to explain how does Tess and Justin approach situations? How do others in the film view those characters? Whatdo they say or think about Tessa and Justin in the film?And also very important please explain that although the story is fictional, how well does the film portray real life critically thinking scenariosPlease write a good introduction explaining what the essay is going to be about and very importantly write a strong thesis of about a sentence ortwo.:

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