Topic: Case Formulation

Order DescriptionRespond to a case scenario using case-based questions from the perspective of two different models, Rogers? Person-Centered Therapy and RationalEmotive Behavioral Therapy. The paper should be full APA style.The following questions should be used as a guideline for your paper. You are not limited to these questions. Utilize two theories for analyzing oneof the given case scenarios. (Don?t forget referencing when a theory or a technique is mentioned. This paper should follow the APA style guidelines.)Introduction 1. What theories are you going to use in this case formulation? Give an introduction to the major tenets of the theories (no more than 2 pageslength). Main Body 2. What is the client?s presenting problem? Make a diagnosis, if possible. 3. What would you hypothesize is the underlying issue/s? (They could vary depending on the perspectives you?ve chosen. 4. Discuss the potential therapeutic goals that you could set and the techniques that are going to be utilized depending on both approaches thatyou have chosen. 5. Depending on each perspective that you have chosen to discuss in this paper, what would be the frame of the therapeutic relationship, thefrequency of the sessions and your therapeutic style? 6. What impact do you think this case would have to you as therapist and as a person? Conclusion 7. In the last section please illustrate one or more hypothetical vignette/s of your session/s. (This section could have maximum one pagelength).:

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