Topic: literature review of anxietyONE report of patient situation and literature review relevant to the management of ONE symptom for a patient you have caredfor during the CPC clinical placement ? this should NOT be related to acute or chronic pain (1800 words plus reference list).Please note:? The report of the patient situation should provide the reader with basic information about the person?s medical conditionand the main health issues they are experiencing.? You must clearly describe ONE symptom the person is experiencing (provide assessment data). For example the symptom couldbe any ONE of the following ? fatigue, nausea, anxiety, itchy skin, dyspnoea, etc.? You will need to search the current nursing literature using a library database (for example CINAHL ? the Cumulative Indexof Nursing and Allied Health) to identify current research and expert Discuss (check for the help you need)ion related to interventions aimed atalleviating the symptom. Books may be relevant to your review. You should provide 18 or more current and authoritativereferences. The majority of your references should be peer reviewed journal articles from the last 5 ? 6 years.A literature review is not an essay. There are links to resources on the LMS site for this subject which will help you usethe library databases, critique the literature and write a literature review (in the assignment resources section).The purpose of the literature review is to critically analyse existing works in a study area ? in this case the identifiedsymptom. The literature you identify must be considered insightfully and then synthesised into a convincing presentationwhich clearly articulates the current perspectives on the issue of nursing and medical management of the identified symptom.Your literature review should not solely focus on medical or drug management of the symptom. Your review should focus onnursing interventions to manage the chosen symptom. Your review should also be focused on the specific patient situation, sofor example, it would be inappropriate to use literature on management of nausea in children if your patient is an adult.A literature review aims to:? Group authors who come to similar conclusions;? Compare and contrast groups of authors (or single authors) with others;? Criticise the studies, for example, on methodological grounds;? Clarify the main issues for the reader;? Note areas of disagreement;? Highlight exemplary studies;? Highlight gaps in knowledge;? Conclude with a summary of the literature.The literature review should be presented formally with an introduction, body and conclusion. Your work must be referencedusing APA style including a reference list (see links on the LMS site for this subject located in the assignment resourcessection).In appendix 1 (provided in the template) you should state your literature search strategy and the key words you used inobtaining your literature. For example: ?nausea?, ?bowel cancer?, and ?chemotherapy?. There are resources on the LMS site forthis subject which will help you do this.CRAZY OFFER ASSIGNMENTS COMPLETED FOR FREE!!GET THIS ASSIGNMENT DONE FOR FREE NOW, JUST PLACE YOUR ORDER AND DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT: WE WILL COMPLETE THE PAPER FIRST BEFORE YOU PAY AND YOU PAY ONLY AFTER YOU RECEIVE AND APPROVE YOUR COMPLETED PAPER! IF YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSED, WE WILL NOT ASK ANYTHING FROM YOU! WHAT ELSE WE WILL DELIVER IT WITHIN YOUR SPECIFIED TIME FROM 3 HOURS TO 10 DAYS DEADLINE.THIS IS ONLY A LIMITED OFFER! TAKE ADVANTAGE!!

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