Topic: promoting mental health and wellbeing

Order DescriptionScenario B-Marie MaloufMarie Malouf is a 45 year old woman and lives with her husband David and their four children(three boys aged 15, 12 & 9 and one 4 year old daughter). Marie?s elderly parents live three doorsdown the road from her. Marie and her family migrated to Australia from Lebanon 10 years ago.Marie?s primary role has been caring for her family and her parents over the past 10 years. She hassupported her husband in his business activities for many years. Marie enjoys cooking and spendingtime with her friends from the soccer club, which she has not done for some time as she has felt thatshe has not had time since her husband became unwell. David Malouf, her husband, has recentlyundergone treatment for bowel cancer and he is recovering at home following bowel surgery. Mariehas found the past few months very stressful.Marie has today made an appointment to see her local GP to talk about her problems sleeping. Mariereports that over the past 4-6 weeks her sleeping problem is getting worse. I can?t get to sleep andwhen I do I wake up at 4 am I cannot get back to sleep?, She reports she has lost weight in the pastfew weeks, but states ?I have not felt like eating, no enjoyment any more, I cook for the family?. Mariestates ?I feels tired all the time and have no energy, and I feel down?. Marie?s mother Miriam sufferedfrom depression many years ago when Marie was a teenager in Lebanon. Marie reports her motherwould often stay in bed all day for a few days at a time. Her GP asks her if she has had any thoughtsof suicide and Marie states ?no, I would not do that, never. I have the children?. Her GP informs her hebelieves she is suffering from depression and makes an appointment for her to see a psychologistand gives her a script for antidepressant medications to start right away.Answer the following questions:1. Investigate and outline the prevalence/incidence of Depression or Postnatal Depression in Australia ? Your answer needs to cover:hospitalisations, gender, age groups and specific risk groups.2.Using?CURRENT? literature (2009-2014) Discuss (check for the help you need) TWO (2) factors that may have contributed to the development of Marie?s mental illnesses.3. Using ?CURRENT? literature (2009-2014) Discuss (check for the help you need) TWO (2) ethico-legal issues related to your scenario.4. Identify TWO (2) nursing/midwifery problems with evidence from the chosen scenario- Your risk identification should be focused on the next 1-5 days ofnursing/midwifery care for Marie.5. For each nursing/midwifery problem you have identified in Question 4, outline and describe TWO (2) evidenced based nursing/midwifery interventions and rationales ?Your interventionsshould be focused on nursing/midwifery care for Marie over the next 1-5 days. Each intervention and rationale must be supported by ?CURRENT? literature (2009-2014)Important details about your assessmentThis guided essay does not require a standard essay introduction or conclusion. The use of tables or column layouts to answer questions 4 and 5 is encouraged. You arerequired to organise your answers in order of questions; by referring to the questionnumber in your answer.

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