Topic: StatisticsAs you may ha

Topic: StatisticsAs you may have noticed this course is filled with a seemingly endless list of very special techniques for conducting very specific statistical tests. These are but the ?tip of the iceberg.? Sadly, throughout the field of statistics there are many more. How do we keep all these straight? The answer is: ?with great difficulty.?Since we omit the proofs associated with the various techniques, i.e. the mathematical bases for the various sampling distributions with which we are dealing, we employ a cookbook approach to this material. We must take the assumptions on faith and understand how to apply the ?recipe(s)?. In more advanced courses you will go through the various proofs and will develop a more solid understanding of the various analytical techniques. Those issues are well beyond the scope of this course.Although I do not expect you to commit all the specific formulae and techniques to memory (since the exams and quizzes are open book) I do expect you to be sufficiently familiar with the techniques and the classes of problems to which they apply. You should therefore be able to identify the proper method to use for a given problem.******How do we keep all these straight?******Category: Editing

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