Topic: text-based argument

Topic: text-based argumentOrder DescriptionIt is now time to write another text-based argument. Begin by reading Chapter 3, Developing an Argument carefully and following the plan in our textbook. As was truefor Short Paper 1, you need to select a poem (this time choose one from the Anthology section of our text (pp 974-1000), so there has been no previous discussion ofit), make a claim about it, and use the lines of the poem as evidence to support your claim. You will be providing a close reading of the poem, once again proceedingthrough the steps of:interacting with the reading exploring your ideas developing a thesis creating a plan for your paper generating a first draft revising your draft editing and formatting your paper. Your finished paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length (1,000 words) and it may rely on outside source material, providing you are careful to follow the guidancein our text and avoid plagiarism, but in any event it should present a close reading of the entire poem as well as an argument for that particular reading. Show offyour growing knowledge by using as many appropriate vocabulary words as you can. If you present them in bold type, I will be sure not to miss them.Be sure to state the poet and title in the first sentence (with the page number in a parenthetical note).:

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