Torture is defines as the intentional use of physical or physiological pain to gain advantage over an individual. Torture has been around since the times of Ancient Greece and is still around today. Punishments arent near as harsh as they used to be back in medieval times. (1) The only punishments we have now are jails, the punishments there were in medieval times were numerous and downright inhuman. Torture would keep criminal from doing something wrong again, assuming he lived through the torture. The punishments we have today are laughable and dumb. Medieval torture was a good way to extract confession, obtain information and intimidate others in to co-operating and or confessing. The methods of torture involved cruel devices that were not only intended to inflict extreme pain, but also permanently disable the victim. (2) Witches and condemned prisoners usually took the fall of the crime to escape any method of torture. During the time of the middle ages, torture was proven the most effective way to extract confession from convicted prisoners. In many ways, the church was also seen as one of the founders of torture in the Spanish inquisition. Torture has been considered an art form in some countries. Victor Hugo once said, The guillotine is the ultimate expression of law, and its name is vengeance. The executioner, in the theater of the guillotine, has a very special role. He is the first one to walk on stage and the last one to walk off. The executioner is the only permanent member after he and the victim and their short uneasy relationship as he releases the rope. (4) The guillotine was one the most popular spectacles to the people in the middle ages. The decapitation of the enemies of the people was used as celebration. The tools used for torture range from completely pointless and humorous to flat out excruciating. (3) Some tools were used to embarrass while others were to severely punish people and others were to…

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