Toyota Company Toyota Company established in September 1933 the c Essay Help

Toyota Company established in September 1933 the company rulled by the Toyota Automat?c Loom Compan?es founding?s son Kiichiro. After a little bit time later in 1934 department produce first A type engine. Also the company complete model A1 prototype passenger car in May 1935 then they used the engine in the G1 truck. Toyoda Model AA Sedan AB phaeton and GA truck are announced in 1936. Some parts had been used had similarities between Dodge Power Wagon and Chevrolet. In 1937 Toyota company became independent. The named was Toyoda coming from by the company founder family but newToyota Company company name changed as Toyota. The new name?s meaning was the eight which was accepted lucky for the culture in the during time. During the Pacific War the company focus on produce tracks for the Emperior Army. Because of the war area cause to lose most resources the tracks were kept as basic tracks such as they only had one car headlamp in the front. After the war the company started to produce SA compact passenger car in 1947. Before the war the company maintained qualty and production policy from on U.S.A Army Program. Because of the financial crisis labor dispute and voluntary retirements the new company Toyota Motor Sales Co. Ltd. and Minsei Spinning Co. Ltd. (currently Toyoda Boshoku Corporation) were established in 1950. The company started to became the chain company and Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. was esablished in 1957. Also the next year the company exported fist Japan car to the U.S.A. After the company also was incorporated by Toyota do Brasil S.A in 1958. 1.1.Toyota has built a huge manufacturing company that can produce millions of cars each year for a wide variety of consumers. Why was it able to grow so much bigger than any other auto manufacturer? Toyota has been reaching 56 different countries since 2013. The company has 9 manufacturing plant 9 logistic center 14 spare parts distribution center. After 2012 Toyota have been world?s number one human resources investment company. Also the company has more than 90 thousand workers just in Europe. Toyota Corrolla became the most saled car in the world. Accordin to the company report net income have been increased 29.1% just in Europe. Toyota company producing entirely every automotive sectors in any segment that became the few qualty manufacturer in the world. In automotive sector the company has trade in all the departmens. Toyota has 540 subsidiary 226 collaboratives such as Daihatsu Motor Company Toyota Motor in North America Toyota Tsusho Lexus? The company has target on other areas like sunrise industry biotechnology especially has a huge investment on robot technology. Also Toyota company target the hibrit technology sold 5 million 646 thousan hibrit car from now on. Toyota company targetin almost every class high class middle class with their product diversity. 1.2. Has Toyota done the right thing by manufacturing a car brand for everyone? Why or why not? Toyota company has expansive market target all around the world. Also the company has undivided segment the goal was manufacture for every class high class middle class and economic class which is the best part of Toyota. Because of Toyota produces automotive parts costumer can simply reach the auto parts which is the most important diversity for the automobile consumers because mostly when customers need a auoto part they have to search and figure out from another company. However Toyota produce own parts by it self and reaching part to the aouto part a lot easier and cheaper for the Toyota customers. According to me Toyota company did the right thing to set up a goal reaching every class. Because the company had all the resources that knows survive from the crisis. They already survive grand crisis in the history and they have done it really well so why the company shouldn?t try? 1.3. No doubt Toyota will feel the impact of its massive recall for a long time. Did Toyota grow too quickly as Toyota suggested? What should the company do over the next year 5 years or 10 years? How can growing companies avoid quality problems in the future? Toyota company has full scale of cars after 1998 sold more than 3.2 million full vehicles worldwide. Also they have been showing more thean 80% all global hyrbrid sales. The most popular cars are Camry Corolla Land Cruiser and Luxury Lexus line and the Tundra truck. Toyota company familier how to reach the customer what are the customers need and they keep developing automobiles. On the other competitiors can catch the distance up. Toyota company needs to start work on car?s design to be specific always better. Also the company needs to provide high luxury cars more sharp edges. Toyota might be need more craetive designer departmants. Second the company gives the same conditions as a quarantee all around the world and departments are working in the same way there is physical geographical elements in the marketing which has huge effect on the sales the company needs to conside these effects. Last step Toyota must create more gripping advertisement systems to reach the consumers. The company needs to work on media styles. CONCLUSION Toyota is the most extensive outo automotive manufacturers by auto sales designs and manufactures own almost every segmentation. The company have been successfull up to now because of the diversity and products points demanded by consumers. Toyota had survived the crisis and create large manufacturer company as they?ve promised but the company should provide more design lines with the differences. References (2013 6 30). Retrieved from Kotler P. & Keller l. K. (13th edi). Setting Product Strategy. In Marketing Management (pp. 321-325). Prentice Hall. Roberts G. (2013 6 30). Retrieved from Akbay M (2113)”

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