I am a Navy Officer.I amworking in Naval Research and Development Center Commandership as a supply ( Logistics ) Officer.I am not working for a profit making company.Our Organizations aim is to make resarches for the Turkish Navy in defense technologies field.My departments aim is to Supply any needs related with this aim for our organization. While this is so , we have a very important impact on our customers. ( Customers mean our personnel working in R&D facilities )This importance is due to speed of technological improvements.Departments in charge of Defense Technologies have no time to wait for their needs to be supplied.A lately supplied needs mostly loose their importance for our customers so we have very limited time begining from the statement that need is determined till to purchase.And this makes our departments impact on the organization more and more important than the others. From our customers perspective , time is an inevitable fact that we can not ignore.Time is very important for them.But from Suppliers perspective the standards of needs (Specifications) to be determined and sufficient time for procurement is vital.The rules of procurement in office of the Navy is different from commercial companies.There are very strict rules that enables you to purchase the need you exactly want.This rule is 2886 D..K ( Government Procurement Law ) . It had been more than fifty years since that law is established.Beyond this , it is far away from the changes in the world.But for us there is no way to purchase anything without this law.We are forced to supply our needs under the circumstances of this law and this differs us from commecial companies.There is a flowchart attached to this paper that tells procurement phases in our departmant related with the law.One of the other facts that happens is the delay of procurement.There are two factors for this delay.One of them is related with the Procuremen…

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