Trumam on the Korean War

Truman On The Korean War Thoughout Truman’s narration of his actions and decisions in regarding the Korean conflict, he strongly emphasizes that his first priority is to prevent a third world war. He addresses that the public has questioned his actions as to why he doesnt bomb the aggressors (line 5), but he assures that that would only instigate a major war, not help prevent one. Another major complication that would go hand in hand with bombing the aggressors would be that it would entangle America in Asian politics, and America’s influence worldwide could possibly weaken due resources focused on another predicament. (line 10) Truman continues to state, once again, that America will have no part in prolonging this war or extending it to new frontiers. However, Truman shows concern that the communists will widen the hostilities beyond Korea if they soon do not realize that America isn’t a force to be reckoned with (line 16). Therefore, Truman implies that it would only be “foolhardy” for the Koreans to make such an attempt (line 19). Here Truman is providing confidence to the American people while at the same time, attempting to strike fear into the enemy. Fittingly, at the end of his intimidation segment, he offers a chance for North Korea and the communists to opt for a peace agreement. Though he briskly notes that any peace deal reached must not compromise the principles of the United Nations. It appears to the reader, with Truman constantly stating that he wants the war done with, that it is he who is actually scared and concerned with the threat the communists hold with their large and re-enforcing numbers (line 36). Truman once again elaborates on his decision of not bombing the aggressors with again stating that he is trying to prevent World War Three. But now he is also adding that there is a concern for the potential l…

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