tv drama original scene

ER: Dr. Greene shot a man. Dr. Carter has witnessed the shooting. Now, they are trying to revive the body. Dr. Carter: Come on John. Work with me here. Dont let him go. Dr. Greene: Im trying Anthony. But those bullets really got him good. Im no x-ray, but Im betting that one of those bullets may have hit his heart. I aimed for the heart. Im hoping I missed. Dr. Carter: Well, for youre sake, I hope youre wrong. Because if he dies, youre going to jail for a long time. Dr. Greene: Well what was I supposed to do? He came running straight at me. I thought he had a knife in his hand. Dr. Carter: Well talk about it later. Lets try to save him so that we wont have to worry about it. Dr. Greene: Okay. Check his pulse. Dr. Carter: He doesnt have one. Dr. Greene: Damn It! Let us perform CPR. Pump his stomach while I resuscitate. Dr. Carter pumps the mans stomach. After he pumps his stomach three times, Dr. Greene attempts to resuscitate him. Dr. Carter: One, Two, Three. Dr. Greene: (Yelling) Come on damn it! Breath! Dr. Carter: He doesnt have a pulse Anthony. Hes Dead. Dr. Greene: (Yelling) No hes not. We can still save him. Dr. Carter: Its over Anthony. Dr. Greene starts crying out loud. Dr. Greene: I didnt mean to kill him. I was just trying to protect myself. I thought he wanted to kill me. You have to believe me John. Dr. Carter: I hope youre right Anthony. May G-d help you. Police and ambulance sirens wail, while Dr. Greene is weeping in Dr. Carters arms. …

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