two souls

Henri Rousseau, the Dounier, as many people called him lived in a world of his own. It was a world filled with ghosts and goblins, eternal Sunday paintings, and simple worries. This world, I believe, I also share with Henri Rousseau. We are alike in many aspects of personality, talent, and friends. Not many people remind me of myself, but Rousseau is the only person to have done this. We are different in some aspects of our talents, because his lies in the arts while mine lie in sports. Our personalities are also alike in that we both exude a degree of innocence that many people like to test and take advantage of. Also, the way my career is developing and the way his did are along the same path. The Dounier was misunderstood in this familiar phrase. It was only due to Apollinaire that he was called this because he should have been called the gabelou. He should have received this name because of his employment in the Paris Municipal Toll Service. Like Rousseau, I have many nicknames, some of which drive me absolutely insane. Im glad that he didnt have to endure the nicknames of Bob, Care-bear, or Fairy. While I realize that mine are in jest I can not help but wonder if Rousseau truly appreciated the title of duonier. Was it something thrust upon his mantle with no hope of removing, or did he gladly accept it? Only he knows that. He continued with this job for fifteen years while being married to Clemence. They had nine children, but only two of them survived. When Clemence died, Rousseau gave the children into the care of their aunt and uncle. He was free then to become the person that he truly wanted to be. He was no longer bound to family ties, financial accountability, or to his old world. He became the bachelor painter. Rousseaus background is not as intriguing as his personality though. He was a person who believed in ghosts and spirits, and encountered them during his long…

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