8) When I started elementary school, I was feeling very excited and happy. I didnt have any friends, I didnt know the teachers, I didnt know the lessons. I quickly made friends. It was very hard to remember the names of all my firends on the first several days. My teachers were very friendly and good teachers. They behaved us very well and they never get angry with us. I didnt know how hard lessons were, but in 1st grade, the lessons were very easy and I wanted to learn very much. Our school was in Etiler, Istanbul. Its name was ili Terakki Elementary School. It has five floors. It has a swimming pool and I went to swimming pool every Wednesday in P.E lessons. 9) When I started my new school, I was more excited than before, but I didnt feel isolated, because all my friends came from the other schools and nobody knew each other. First we met with other friends, we introduced ourselves. There were some students who came from my old school. On the first day I didnt make any friends, but on the second day, I made a lot. I thing the teachers in this school are better than in my old school. They were very friendly and they teaches a lot. Im happy for coming to this school, because all the things in this school is better than my old school. We played many games in my new school. The good point of this school is the quality of the lessons. I want to learn English very much, so I came to this school. Also my brother is in this school, too. …

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