Understanding of Electronics

There are plenty of jobs in the field of computer network management, or any computer field, but every one should be good at or conceptionalize a lot of math and science, a major part of any computer field. When thinking about electronics what comes to ones mind is current, voltage, resistance, power. If you have some experience in electronics you might even think about various components, systems used in electronics and circuits that control computers. Electrons rest on four basic properties (all related to each other), which are current, voltage, resistance, and of course power. When you have a group of components used in conjunction with one another, you have formed a circuit, and circuits are in turn the building blocks of electronic equipment and or systems. These systems can be broken down in six different groups: Communications Equipment: allows the transmission and reception. Data Processing (computer): Has the power to store, manipulate large amounts or groups of information, process information, using systems differing in complexity and capability. Consumer Equipment: Consist of for example, personal computers, televisions, stereos, satellite dishes, etc. Industrial Equipment For example: Energy management, robot systems, vision systems, computer-aided design, engineering. Measurement and Testing Equipment: multimeters, generators, logic analyzers, oscopes. Biomedical Electronic Equipment: As technology advances electronic equipment is used more often in biology, and surgical procedures to computerized monitoring equipment. To properly manage power, electrical devices have to do such functions as distributing, converting and generating electrical power. To do this we use components to control the flow of electricity in liquid gas, semiconductors, circuits, and vacuum. In order to manage power electrical devices have to generate, sense, store, r…

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