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In a study released 87% of workers worldwide are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and are less likely to be productive; making work a source of frustration rather than one of fulfillment. (Gallup 1993) The statistics illustrate a lack of commitment to learning and understanding of one?s own strengths and weaknesses amongst the population. People need to think about the person they are and where their strengths and weaknesses lie because if they don?t stop to consider what they?re good at and what they need to improve they will find themselves in the 87% of the population whoUnderstanding Your Strengths And Weaknesses don?t enjoy what they do. Following this discovery I completed a personality test on 16Personalities.com that stated my strengths and weaknesses following answering a series of questions in hopes to have a better understanding to how my strengths and weaknesses play into the role as a paramedic. The personality test revealed that I am altruistic a good team player possess good communications but also am too selfless and sensitive; these results will give me a better comprehension as to how and why a career as a paramedic is the right fit for me. My strengths of being able to work well in a team setting having good communication skills and being altruistic will help me as a paramedic while these are essential characteristics to becoming a great paramedic. The test revealed that I am tolerant and reliable where it explains I excel in team environments where I am able to listen to others even when their opinions contradict mines; and I am irritated by the idea of letting people down so I can be counted on to see any task through. It is important for paramedics to be good team players and be trustworthy because paramedics are often placed situations where they have to work with other people (like the police and firefighters) where we have to trust each other and work well together in a situation whereby we are forced to rely to a great extent possibly for our own well-being and everyone else on scene. The test also showed that I instinctively know how to capture an audience and pick up on mood and motivation in ways that allow them to communicate with reason emotion passion restraint ? whatever the situation calls for? further elaborating saying that I can shift my tone and manner to reflect the needs of the audience while still maintaining my own voice. These great communication skills are a crucial part to the career as it will allow a more accurate assessment of the situation through uncovering what happened how many people were involved or whether there is any remaining danger. Being able to talk to people and keep both patients and family or others on the scene calm can make the situation easier to control and maintaining conversation with a patient can help to retrieve important information that may be needed for their treatment. It was uncovered that I have an unyielding desire to do good for others and for my community and that I genuinely believe that if I can just bring people together I can do a world of good. Because of the nature of the career where paramedics are responding to people who need help it is essential individuals pursuing a career as paramedic have that natural desire to make a difference in the lives of others and in their community. The personality test revealed that I am too selfless and sensitive explaining that I will bury myself in my hopeful promises and feeling others? problems as my own. If I?m not careful I could spread myself too thin and be left unable to help anyone. Because of my sensitivity to others it means that sometimes I feel problems that aren?t my own and try to fix things I can?t fix and spending too much time worrying about whether if I am doing enough. My weaknesses might make things difficult as a paramedic because the reality of it is I will only be with the patient until they are in the hospital. It is not possible to be able to solve every problem and if I carry that burden on my shoulders on the job it will be very difficult for me to have good mental stability making me more susceptible to PTSD. One way I can improve my weakness is talk about my feelings as I am feeling with coworkers or the therapist. If I am diligent about keeping a realistic perception of the situation I am in and understand there is so much one person can do I am confident I can maneuver through each call with more ease. In conclusion it is evident that my strengths as a natural team player great communicator and altruistic by nature would help make me a great paramedic. Paramedics work in stressful and pressured work environments where lives are affected by the outcome of their actions. This can be made even more difficult by the long working hours. The role has a large amount of responsibility and these are important qualities for those who wish to do well in emergency care. A great paramedic would not be able to perform difficult and distressing work to the capacity that they need to without being able to work well with others on scene be able to probe and extract information strategically and have the natural desire to be there to make a difference in a time of crisis.”

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