Unification of Italy

The statement powerful forces are more dominant than any leader in making history is false. Men with power can be more influential than an economy, nationalism, or liberalism. Camillo Benso better known as Count Cavour or plain Cavour was the man mainly responsible for uniting Italy. Cavour though a series of fighting and diplomacy united the country. Cavour, Prime Minister in piedmont, insults the king of Piedmont. As a result he gets thrown out of the country because of his wanting to unite Italy. He is interested in politics and the status of Italy so he goes to England to read the free press. In doing this he learns English. By discovering what is happening in the world he goes back to Italy and becomes a philanthropist and builds railroads in Italy and shows the peasants how to turn there subsistence farming to cash crops. After to spread his influence throughout Italy he made the Risorgimento a newspaper in Italy. This newspaper had two reasons for being created: Cavour wanted a constitution for Italy and wanted to get Austrian troops out of Italian soil. The reason for Austrias presents was it wanted to keep Italy spread apart so it wouldnt have two enemies to deal with on both borders, the north (Prussia) and the south (Italy). There was a vote was taken during this time and the countries of Tuscany, Parma, Modena and the Papal States. This made Italy and France was an accomplice. Now that Italy was a country Garibalbi , a popular revolutionary, retired after being defeated at Naples. Cavour had now done what he had planed and formed a united Italy. Before Bismark comes into play in the unification there are procuresses to his entrance. The Zollerin is one of them. It is the formal Customs Union use by the Prussian. This brought chaos to the economic system of the German states. The other factors that come into play is that Prussia and Geramn have one Railroad and telegraph system. In the 1860s t…

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