Unit 6 ? response

Unit 6 ? responsePaper detailsPlease write one separate response to each of the 2 posts below (refer to order ID 254213051 for the questions that the posts below are answering)Post #1: Tricia Fisher 1. Hard Days Night: 1964 For this album, I chose And I Love Her. It has such great harmonies and a underappreciated guitar section by George Harrison. The song is officiallycredited to Lennon-McCartney, though there is some debate about who wrote the song. Both Lennon and McCartney agree that the majority belongs toMcCartney, but Lennon credits the middle eight to himself, where during an octave change, the song takes on a slightly different sound. I paidattention to this song by The Beatles the first time while watching the movie Hard Days Night and found the melody stuck in my head. Help!: 1965 The Night Before is an interesting song. Varying the call and response nature of the verses and the unique harmonies make this song anotherinteresting song credited to Lennon-McCartney. It seems that many of the songs put together by McCartney, such as this one, have a little addition tothem that turn it into a collaboration and have John?s name added to the author list. Harrison?s response during the verses adds an unusual aspect tothe song as he hardly ever takes center stage during the singing. Rubber Soul: 1965 Michelle is one of the catchiest tunes on the Rubber Soul album. The running bass line and French and English lyrical transition keep this song inyour head long after it ends. It was written by McCartney, again aided by Lennon in the middle eight and a French teacher aided in the lyrics. Ifound it most interesting that the French lyrics Sont des mots qui vont tr?s bien ensemble, Tr?s bien ensemble, means words that go together well,together well. Those are the same as the English words used by McCartney. The adding of the bridge was Lennon?s idea, and that is another thing thatmakes this song so catchy. Revolver: 1966 Eleanor Rigby is an interesting song. It was written primarily by McCartney, but all of the band members have some sort of addition into this song.This song, and a majority of the album it resides on, are a departure from the standard Beatles guitar band music. The primary instruments in thissong are from a string quartet, but the usual Beatles harmonies are present. The uniqueness of the music and the meaning behind the words make thissong very melancholy, but not so much as to make the fans think the band has found a dark place. It is smashed in between a very upbeat song, Taxman,and the combination of old school Beatles and psychedelic Beatles in I?m Only Sleeping. 2. Sgt Pepper?s Lonely Hearts Club Band was important for rock at the time because it showed other artists and record companies that ?pop musicians?didn?t have to play it safe. The popularity allows the band to take risks, and The Beatles took a lot of chances during the making of Pepper as thevideo often refers to it as. The guitar band broke through barriers and played with a ton of different instruments such as an orchestra, brassinstruments, electric harpsichords, sitars, swarmandals and zithers, and excessive percussion. There was also many cases of double voice tracks toadd even more depth to songs. The album cover was also unique in that up to that point, most album art was simple. The cover art was generally a picture of the artist and thetitle of the record, or other simple items. The Beatles had decided that they wanted to have all of their heroes involved in the album in some way,and many were included as part of the cover art. The cover shows all of the members of the band and then myriad other individuals to create yetanother new experience for the listener. Pepper changed in many ways over the course of its recording and development. Ringo states in the video that many of the drum and percussion trackswere recorded days, weeks, or months separate from the rest of the recording sessions. Paul says that the point behind the whole of the album was forthe band to be able to experiment. As the songs developed, the concept of the album changed with it. Each track was a new chance for the band to trynew things with the music and really open the door for themselves and other artists down the road. 3. The first song I chose was A Day In the Life. This song is the last song on the album, and without question has the most depth in itsinstrumentation and transitions. The song is yet another Lennon-McCartney collaboration, but it is actually two songs slapped together. Lennoncreated the first and last part of the song, but had nothing to round out the song, so he approached McCartney about a way to fill it out. In yetanother risk taken for the album, McCartney gave him a piece of one of his unfinished songs to place in the middle. The clash between the two songsis quite evident, but the rising crescendo of orchestra instruments and a simple piano overlay allow the two songs to come together. The BeatlesBible says, The middle section (Woke up, fell out of bed) was an unfinished song fragment written by Paul McCartney, its practical earthinessproviding a perfect counterpoint to Lennon?s languorous daydreaming.1 By allowing these two songs to come together into one, The Beatles showed onceagain how they were truly trying something different on the new album. When I?m Sixty Four is a McCartney original. The song would be completely misplaced on any other Beatles album, but on Pepper it fits just fine. Thesong is very simple, as many of The Beatles songs are, but the addition of the clarinets with the music hall style melody make it seem as though ithas much more depth. McCartney wrote the song when he was 15 on his family piano, and on occasion would play it during the days when they headlinedat The Cavern. Lennon said that, We used to do them when the amps broke down, just sing it on the piano.2 1 BeatlesBible, A Day in the Life, beatlesbible.com, 3 Nov, 2014, http://www.beatlesbible.com/songs/a-day-in-the-life/ 2 BeatlesBible, When I?m Sixty Four, beatlesbible.com, 3 Nov, 2014, http://www.beatlesbible.com/songs/when-im-sixty-four/ 4. Paul McCartney is not only a core member of the Beatles, but also one of the greatest songwriters both within and out of The Beatles. By buildingoff of the success of his time with The Beatles, McCartney was able to continue his career on his own. McCartney?s original and simple songs haveaided greatly in his success. An artist shouldn?t need to stop performing when the band breaks up. There may be issues with performing previous band songs, but musicians shouldcontinue to write and perform as long as an audience is willing to receive them. McCartney is without question still a great performer because heloves what he does. You can see his passion in all of his music. Though these songs are vastly different, it doesn?t change their beauty. In Medley,McCartney shows his daughter a medley of upbeat songs. In My Valentine, he puts out another of his standard pretty love songs.Post #2: Gabrielle Lesch 1. Hard Days Night: 1964John Lennon wrote a Hard Days Night though the title was created by a mispronunciation that Ringo Starr had used previously. The song is the titletrack to the Album Hard Day?s Night and was a top seller. Lennon sings the opening verse and is joined by Paul McCartney in the chorus and end ofthe song. The lyrics tell the story of the love between the man and woman and how she makes him feel better after a long day at work. The song hasmultiple guitars, piano, and vocals with harmonizing.Help! : 1965Yesterday is one of my favorite songs by the Beatles. The calm, quiet guitar and melody is so easy to follow along to. The violin and stringinstruments in the background also give a very calming vibe to the song. Yesterday was written by Paul McCartney and sung only by him. Unlike otherBeatles songs, this is just all Paul McCartney and does not include the other members. The song is about a break up and how he wishes the woman wouldof stay. It is a look back to how good things used to be and how now they are bad and much different.Rubber Soul: 1965In My Life was one of the top sellers on Rubber Soul when the album first released. It?s a delicate song that uses guitar, piano, bells, bass andvocals. This is a typical Beatles sounding song with its multiple harmonizing vocals, with one real main melody. Lennon mainly wrote the song withassistance by McCartney, though this is later disputed. The song was about Lennon?s nostalgic memories of Liverpool and his past there.Revolver: 1966Here, there and everywhere is a beautifully composed song written by Paul McCartney. McCartney says it?s one of his best works, inspired by theBeach Boy?s album Pet Sounds that came out before he wrote it. The song is calm with sweet melodies accompanied by harmonies in the traditionalBeatles style. There are drums, guitar, finger snapping and vocals.2. The Sgt. Pepper album was one of the most famous albums by the Beatles because they felt like they could finally start taking risks. In thebeginning of the film they describe some of the songs as psychedelic and really out there in tune. This psychedelic style became staple for not onlythe album but for the Beatles. They really focused on this new theme because they became so sick of touring, and thought that their music was beingimpacted from it. They said that since the audience for the shows was so loud, they couldn?t hear themselves playing; therefore they were unaware ofhow they sounded. Sgt. Pepper was an escape from the Beatlemania madness. This changed their overall image, including the album cover. It depictedthe Beatles as the new Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Band while the old Beatles were off to the side; it also had many of the boys Hero?s.3. The first song I chose was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds it is another one of my favorite Beatles songs. The song is a psychedelic story tellingsong that was written by Lennon and McCartney inspired by Alice and Wonderland. Something I found in my research about this song was that in anacronym it is shortened to LSD which is an interesting revelation considering not on the out there style of the song but learning about Lennon?sexperimenting with this drug.BeatlesBible, Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, beatlesbible.com, 11/3/2014http://www.beatlesbible.com/songs/lucy-in-the-sky-with-diamonds/With a Little Help from my Friends is a song sung by Ringo Starr and written by Lennon and McCartney. The song was written for Ringo to sing, buthe refused to sing the lines ?what would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and throw tomatoes at me?? Ringo refused to sing thisbecause he had a lot of deep memories from having food thrown and him and he didn?t want to repeat this memory.BeatlesBible, With a Little Help from my Friends, beatlesbible.com, 11/03/2014http://www.beatlesbible.com/songs/with-a-little-help-from-my-friends/4. Paul McCartney has very much kept his career alive since the end of the Beatles. With appearances and still preforming he has made a decent lifefor himself. I don?t think any artist should stop preforming just because their band broke up, not even in the largest sense when it has to do withsuch a legendary band like the Beatles. I think even with McCartney?s older age he is a great performer; he just has this essence that presides withhis presence. Medley, is an upbeat tempo song much like the Beatles vibe while In my Valentine is a standard love song.:

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