Universe growing faster than thought to be

In London researchers have found that the universe is growing faster than what they thought. At first, they thought that it was growing too slow, then it was speeding up, and now they are saying that it is speeding up way too fast for us. The reason they have found this out is because researcher Stephen Zepf, has figured out that the calculations which were reported on Wednesday, that the celpheids, which are based on the brightness of a giant pulsating star, that are used to determine the distance to the other galaxies. They found that the Celphiods are appearing about 15 percent fainter than they had previously thought them to be(in other words the 60 watt light bulb is actually a 50 watt light bulb, and therefore the lamp is getting closer that originally estimated to be) , and that means that the universe is expanding slightly faster than anyone had every expected it to. Nearly all the galaxies are moving away from us. This means that this keeps going on , then the universe will have enough density to collapse back on itself.Which means that there will be nothing left. In my opinion to this article, I get very confused. What I mean is that they were telling us that the universe was going good and that it was actually speeding down , and not that fast, then they said that it was setting faster, and now they say that it is speeding up more that what they had thought it to be. When they told us it was going slow, no one worried, because they thought that everything was going to be fine just like always, then they said , sorry we were wrong it is speeding up just a little faster, so everyone worried that something major was going to happen like the world coming to an end , just because the universe was expanding and no one did anything about it, because we were told everything was fine. Well now they tell us that it is going faster than they thought. I think that we needed to pay a little bit more attention to what was going on…

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