Use of genetic information

There have been rapid and stunning advances in the knowledge of how genes affect the specific tasks of different cells in the human body. The study of this interaction is known as human genetics. When human genetics and reproductive technology are combined they allow scientists to tailor make a human through the manipulation of human genes. Advances in human genetics and the application of them through reproductive technology could negatively affect society. The manipulation of human genetics and the personal information gained from reproductive technology will cause genetic discrimination based on economics. Genetic information obtained from reproductive technology might be used by insurance companies in the determining of insurance coverage. Employers could use genetic information to select employees based on genetic traits; to lower costs related to personnel. The cost of reproductive technology and genetics manipulation will perhaps make it a process for the wealthy. The insurance, hiring, and technology cost issues possibly will cause genetic prejudice due to financial matters. One of the most contentious uses of genetic information is its potential use by insurance companies to determine whether to offer insurance and, if so, at what premium. Insurance is based on the belief of providing financial security against the risk of unanticipated events, such as bad health or disability. In return for an agreed fee, the insurance company will pay out a sum of money, or pay for services, if the unexpected event occurs. The insurance company therefore has a reasonable interest in the probability of the unexpected event occurring. Therefore insurance companies could use genetic testing to determine an individuals premium or refuse coverage based on the outcome of the test. It is feared that those with a positive genetic test (finding a predisposition to a particular health disorder), who are obliged to reveal this info…

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