using technology in teaching English ( power point and Hot potato

using technology in teaching English ( power point and Hot potato software)MA TEFL: Technology in TEFLAssignmentTechnology in TEFL is assessed by asking students to create a set of computerised language learning materials (40% of unit marks assessing learning outcome 1) and supply an accompanying 3,000 word rationale, detailing the justification of the materials (40% of unit marks assessing learning outcome 2). The primary aim of the assignment is to assess your understanding of key issues of the unit and your ability to create computerised language learning materials. The following notes describe in detail what you have to do to successfully complete this assignment.? Describe a context (Max 600 words) for which you will design your computerised learning materials. You may wish to use the provided context (see separate document), or, if you are aware of the context in which you would like to work, you may use that context. This part is unmarked.? Write a 3,000 word rationale, justifying the design of your materials. Refer to what you have read in the literature and demonstrate critical awareness of how the theories and principles of materials design and pedagogy, coupled with principles of layout and the advantages of technology informed the creation of your materials. Do not forget to refer to the context of your learners.I am studying master in teaching English as foreign language. I create lesson for intermediate Saudi students level for one hours. I use Hot potato software (program) + power point. I choose one lesson about grammar and vocabulary.In hot potato software I choose J MACH + J QUIZ+ J MIX to make exercise( activities for the lesson) and I use power point for the lesson.You have to write rational about the program and lesson i created.The first part you need ((Introduction + Learning context (Type of lesson, Level, Time, Class profile, needs, Strengths and weaknesses, aims, Language analysis and L1 contrast, Materials) 500 wordsThe second part is Rational +conclusion 3000words… Introduction2. Learning contextType of lesson:Level:Time:Class profileNeedsStrengths and weaknessesAimsMaterialsTimetable fit3- RationalConclusionRationaleThe majority of the rationale must be an academic essay which touches on certain educational topics, have to refer to your materials or your learners.Use of sources must be clear and current and you have consulted a range of publication types. However, I would like to see more focus on publications thatdiscuss pedagogy.Argumentthe discussion is must be comprehemsible and clear. You have to be Critical analysis with evidence of critical analysis in the writing. Try to comment on your sources. Do you agree or disagree with what the authors state? Why/why not? Apply what they say to your learners? needs.Structurewriting must be organised into sections and paragraphs.Presentation/language On the whole, the rationale is formatted.All these instruction must be in the rational. Also, I am going to download the power point for the lesson i design. The activities will be in hot potatoes program but not necessary to download it if you need it just let me know.!

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