Key Terms (pp. 344-347) concurrent validity- A classification of criterion validity whereby a new measure correlates with a criterion measure taken at the same time (p. 344.) predictive validity- A classification of criterion validity whereby a new measure predicts a future event or correlates with a criterion measure administered at a later time (p. 344.) construct validity- The ability of a measure to conform a network of related hypotheses generated from a theory based on concepts (p. 344.) discriminant validity- The ability of some measure to have a low correlation with measures of dissimilar concepts (p. 344.) sensitivity- A measurement instruments ability to acutely measure variability in stimuli or responses(p. 355) Examples of Key Terms An example of predictive validity is the use of flash cards to teach my daughter the alphabet where as concurrent validity is demonstrated by the feedback received after each flash card. If my daughter learned the alphabet and began to form words then this could be an example of construct validity. Discriminant validity may be demonstrated by the alphabet flash cards helping my daughter to improve her counting abilities due to the focus on memorization. The range of responses on United Parcel Services ERI survey demonstrates the sensitivity of a scale. Reliability and Validity The measure of a mans physiological response to a porterhouse steak (ex. saliva production) on a restaurants menu may be highly reliable. Though the response doesnt constitute a valid measure of purchase intention, because it doesnt consider his wife asking him to try a healthier chicken platter. This example illustrates the difference between reliability and validity. …

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