life. Oppressivt political systems exist be-cause there are men and women who are convinced that power is for self-aggran-dizement rather thnn for service. Change operational structures without chat,ging the attitudinal, and you will have a mere changing of the guard, a new set of oppres-sors in placc of the old. Try to change atti-tudinal structures without any attention to the operational and you will most likely discover that the socio-political environ-ment makes your efforts ineffective. There must be a concerted effort to bring about transformation of both attitudinal and operational structures. Students have a golden opportunity to work consistently ci, a long-tern~ basis fox the transformation of the attitudinal struc-tures. I am not thinking largely in terms of private morality as it has for so lone been inculcated in you. lam thinking more of the development of a social conscience a Christian conscience sensitive to its re-sponsibility not only for its own personal destiny but also for the collective future of the human community. It is a difficult but glorious mission. flow shall we respond to the call? It is by now trite to point out that the original meaning of the word crisis (Greek: Jerinein to decide) comprises not only threat or danger but also challenge or opportunity, a time for decision. You have asked inc to speak about “the Christian response to the present crisis 2′ Darkness and uncertainty there surely are in these our times . . but also new horizons and the possibility of a brave vision and life-infusing decis,ons. Let us make this a strong point in our prayers, DISCUSSIONS 1. What are some changes structural change? 2. What ate some changes attitudin& change? 3. Why is praying for “attitudinal change” important to start an im-provement in the way of life of our people? 4. Why should attitudinal change form in each person? referred to as referred to as 5. What needs to be changed regarding ec…

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