Vietnam Draftees

Should I stay or should I go? The Vietnam War was the subject matter of many debates during the 1960s and the 1970s. War advocates and anti-war activists voiced their opinions all throughout the nation about our countrys involvement in Vietnam. People from all walks of life spoke out about the war, from politicians to hippies, making it clear that everyone had their own view on the war, although, not everyone agreed with one another on the decisions and outcomes that were made for our country. Demonstrations and rallies were being held everywhere, from the White House to the streets, either supporting or protesting Americas involvement in the Vietnam War. One of the main causes of debate came from the issue of drafting Americans into the war whether or not they chose to go into battle in Vietnam. People felt strongly about the issue because those who were drafted were forced to leave behind whatever future they had planned for themselves to fight for their country. Activists were against the idea since they felt that American involvement in Vietnam was inadequate in helping end the war and they felt the United States was involved for the wrong reasons. Others felt that it was our duty as Americans to serve in the war. Regardless of what your attitudes were towards the war, many others felt the same way and shared an equal point of view, therefore, those who strongly followed their beliefs were the ones to speak out and educate others about their perspectives. Among those who voiced their opinions were such Americans as Tim OBrien, an army veteran who served in Vietnam, Spiro T. Agnew, the vice president to Richard Nixon, and John F. Kerry, also a Vietnam veteran and the former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. These men all carry different attitudes towards the subject of drafting and the ethics of complying or evading the draft. Although each activist supported a different position on the subject, good…

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