Vincet Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was born March 30th 1853. He was born in a small village of Groot-Zundart. His father Theodorus Van Gogh was a Protestant Preacher in the village. Vincent had a younger brother Theo who was born May 1st 1857. Vincent had three uncles that were art dealers so it was hard to imagine that he would not get involved with art. In July of 1869 Vincent left to become an apprentice to Goupil’s art dealers at The Hangue. He worked there for four years then was transferred in January to the Brussels branch of Goupil’s. Then in June Van Gogh went to the London branch where they specialized in the reproductive engravings and photographs of old masters and contemporary artists and their paintings. After being dismissed from Goulip’s in Paris he became a voracious reader and letters to his brother show the increasing involvement of religious matters. In April 1876 he returned to England to take a teaching post in Ramstage. Later on he moved to become a teacher and a lay preacher at Isleworth, a city near London. Not staying there long he went back to Holland where his father was transferred to Etten. Vincent found a job in a bookshop were he was reported for spending most of his time drawing and translating the Bible into French and German and English. Continuing his education he went to Amsterdam to study for his matriculation in the theological faculty of the University. A year after entering the University he quit his studies. This was do to the increasingly impatient and reluctance to except the fact that Latin and Greek were a necessity for his training. In August of 1878 he went to newly open training school for evangelists (preacher) in Brussels. Yet again he was unsuccessful and quit. He moved down to the coal-mining district of the Broniage in southern Belgium. Here work as a temporary lay preacher, he held bible classes. While he was here Van Gogh lived a lie of self-denial and was dismissed …

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