Violence is a disease that plagues us all. Whether it be violence on the street, at home, or on the television, it some way effects your life. Right now the conflict in the Persian Gulf is an issue that comes up far too often. This issue effects us, because everywhere you look or listen some one is talking about it. There is always some one looking for trouble, and someone running from it. Violence makes up nearly all of a persons fears. Most people think violence is uncontrollable. Our teenagers are immersed in violence and yet, usually doesnt know what to do when confront ed with it. What if we all knew how to handle a violent situation? Many people do. They are educated with skills and arts which teach, non-violent means of ending an attack. The most well known of these arts are: Karate (Open hand), Akido (Way of the mind and spirit), Judo (Gentle way), and my favorite, Jujitsu (The gentle art).These arts are often thought of as violent, brutal ways of hurting people. But the educated know that most martial arts are, in fact, self defense. These are the best ways of ending a violent situation quickly if it cant be resolved verbally. If a person is confident that they have a better than average chance of defending themselves, they usually wont feel the need to prove it. Bibliography none …

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