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THE VIOLENT-KID PROFILE Are students being judged by the way they act, by what they say, or even by the way they dress? Sadly, the answer is yes. Not by their peers, but by the faculty. Schools are changing the rules of what is considered acceptable behavior. Since the recent shooting at Columbine High School, kids as young as the age of 8 and 9 years old have been suspended and arrested for their actions in class, things they say, and for the clothes they wear. Recent reports list indications of potential danger. Such as bullying, drug use, low self-esteem, cruelty to animals, and even slipping grades. Elementary and High schools nationwide plan on testing a computer system that has been helping troubled or threatened children for years. Some students rights advocates feel that these actions by schools will push students into avoiding to write essays, and speaking less in class in fear of saying something that may get them suspended or arrested. Should students have to feel paranoid while they are in school, isnt peer pressure enough? …

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