Virtual Concert Report

Virtual Concert ReportVirtual Concert Link: Visit youtube link of the Youtube Symphony Orchestra concert and listen through the entire recording.2. Write a review in your own words (see ?Concertgoing? in ?Resources? for guidance). Format: 1400 words minimum, file formats: doc, docx, txt (double-spaced) or paste into the submission window.3. Submit written review of the concert into the appropriate dropbox BEFORE the posted deadline.Failure to submit review will result in a 0% for each incomplete assignment and will lower the final grade. Percentage points will be subtracted if submitted in less then required 1400 words. Submissions in other file formats will not be accepted and graded 0%.What to write about: Article should be based on personal experience during the virtual performance. It could include and not limited to: critique of the performers, commentary on the composers and works heard, performing techniques and instrumentation used. Also aspects of music form, music interpretation, and stylistic authenticity could be addressed. Review should be as specific and descriptive as possible of the particular event and not be written in general terms. Please do not include composer/composition facts copied from internet sources. Also, see ?Concertgoing? in ?Resources? for more guidance.!

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