Visible Thinking Project ? response

Visible Thinking Project ? responsePaper detailswrite a response post (with NO MORE than 200 words) to the post below. Share your thoughts on your peer?s Visible Thinking Project, challengeyourself by choosing someone you may disagree with. At this point in the term, it becomes simple to add to another?s argument, but it requires moreintellectual energy to constructively critique and offer an alternate perspective.Kelli King: I knew there were cultural differences that brought the racist stereotype of blacks classified as less intelligent as whites. The illusion ofunintelligence was manipulated by the socioeconomic class of an individual, not their skin. I also knew that the standardized tests were biasedtowards creating a society to fit the ideology of the industrial era. Subjects such as math, history and the sciences with emphasis on the concept ofanswers being either right or wrong cater directly to the industrialized school system. Creativity is not seen as a form of intelligence and in manycases seen as a childish trait. The focus on arduous subjects rather than the capacity of creativity in tests favorite those not in low socioeconomicbrackets who, by the construct of our society, were minorities of color.I didn?t know the IQ test had been widely used to prove the notion of blacks to be measurably less intelligent than whites and that it had beenused almost immediately after the concept had been developed. I also didn?t know that during the era of racist IQ for WWII, the military used alphaand beta tests where both test catered to white social constructs, even for the non-native speaking or illiterate.I used to think the eugenics was an isolated event of the Nazi party during WWII. I knew other instances with similar concepts such as the religiouswars in Israel/Palestine or the soviet concentration camps, but thought they all had the justification of war.:

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