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Frank 1 Throughout the late tenth century in Scandinavia, many societies were adversely affected by the spread of Christianity. The Vikings were traditionally a pagan community believing in many gods and heathen rituals, such as human and material sacrifice. Through the influence of powerful Christian rulers many Vikings did convert to Christianity during the tenth century. Some converted from their heathen ways by choice and others were forced to except these ideas or be killed by order of the king. But as the new millennium approached, Christians and Pagans believed that an apocalypse would truly decide the future of the rightful belief. By the tenth century, the Roman Empire, France, and England had already been Christianized. In 962 A.D., Otto II, the Holy Roman Emperor, decided to try and spread the religion into Scandinavia. Sending word to the Danish king Harald Bluetooth that the king must convert, the German emperor demanded that Denmark become Christian or he would invade(84). This threat eventually led to an invasion on Denmark by the Saxons. Bluetooth called upon his heathen brother to help defend their country, but Ottos troops prevailed. Without much choice, the two heathen brothers opened up to Christ, they declared, but they insisted that their Norse gods were stronger because they revealed themselves to men with signs and miracles(84). In return, the emperor Otto had one of his Bishops stick has hand in a fire and he pulled it out without burning himself. This feat astonished the two men and afterwards they were baptized to the satisfaction of Otto. Otto then removed his troops in hope that the newly baptized chiefs would spread this faith to the rest of the Vikings. Frank 2 For the next few decades, the Christian king of Denmark Harald Bluetooth held sway over the area [in Norway called the Vik], many converted to Christianity(30). However, his heathen brother, Earl Hacon rev…

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