walt whitmans works

Walt Whitman’s Works Walter Whitman, Jr., was born on May 31, 1819, at Long Island, New York, to poor, obscure parents of English, Dutch, and Welsh descent– the second son in a family of nine children. The first of his work was called “Leaves of Grass”, at 1855. “It represents him as such, in shirt and trousers, with one hand on his hip and the other in his pocket (7; 137).” ” ‘Leaves of Grass,’ is Whitman’s own means of freeing himself from the outward and understandable world of precipitating himself into the mood of ecstasy (7; 164).” About eight hundred copies of “Leaves of Grass” were printed. Very few were sold. Dr. Bucke, Whitman’s first biographer, replies, “Whitman can in the ‘Leaves of Grass’ identify the traces of Whitman’s first remarkable mystic experience (7; 144).” The readers of “Leaves of Grass” discovered that there was twelve untitled poems and a preface explaining the poets view of poetry and its purpose. Whitman has made an impact on others and his works mature. Walt Whitman also understands how the past continues to exist: it exists in the present, and comes into living form only when some individual man is willing to challenge it. “Whitman’s poetry has delicacy of music, of diction, and of form (8; 88).” Whitman quotes, “Soul sympathizes with soul . And that which tries to kill my soul, my soul hates. My soul and body are one. Soul and body wish to keep clean and whole (8; 22).” His message about himself is that he is the master of his fate. He is the captain of his soul. Whitman’s essential message was the “open road.” “Now Whitman wanted his soul to save itself, ‘he’ didn’t want to save it. It is a narrow, tight way, where the soul walks hemmed in between compulsions (8; 20).” His heroic message is: the soul is not to pile up defenses round herself. She is to go down the open…

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