Was Gatsby an immoral person or not

This question about Gatsby is hard to answer, and it is wondered whether he is a moral person or not. They are many reasons for both sides of the story. To support that he was an immoral man it is said that he made his living in a unlawful manner, he has lived his life as a crook just to impress a woman, and mostly because he never does anything to help anyone. Saying this, there is also another side of things. Gatsby is a bad person that has an alternate personality which is loved. The reasons for this are, he has showed compassion for a woman and is willing to do anything to for her, and mostly because of his quest to live out the American Dream. For the fact alone that it is wanted for Gatsby to get his most wanted possession, which is Daisy, a love of his character is developed. But is this enough to outweigh his immoral lifestyle? Gatsby has lived his life in an unlawful manner, he has lived his life as a crook just to impress a woman, and he has never truly done anything to help anyone, because he is selfish and only cares about two things. These things are Daisy, and himself. Gatsby is a crook, and a bootlegger. He is also involved with one of the most villainous people around, Meyer Wolfsheim. He has lived his life as a liar, and a cheat. Nobody really knows where Gatsby gets his money, and he had many rumors going around by how he has obtained it. This is for two reasons, because he has been very secretive and does not talk to many people about this subject, and because of the way the people in the town are, and they have expanded and changed the rumors in which they have heard. All that he has worked to obtain in his life has only been for one person, Daisy. She is a person who only loves the wealthy lifestyle, and didnt really love any man, but she loved their money. Gatsby was not smart enough to realize this. He let his infatuation with a horrible woman take over his mind. Lastly, throughout the …

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