We The Animals

We The AnimalsPrompt Choices for Essay # 21. Rewrite the ending of We The Animals in your own words, decide on a new fate for our unnamed narrator. Use at least three elements of figurative language?metaphor, simile, hyperbole, etc?and draw on the existing plot of the book to write your new ending. 2. Please compare and contrast the relationship of our narrator toward his family between the beginning and the end of the book, what has changed, anything?Examine the plot as well as the language Torres uses in the beginning and the end of the book. 3. Choose three scenes from We The Animals that stand out to you (ie. trash kites, the trench, etc..) describe HOW those scenes function to support the overallstory. What devices does Torres use to make these scenes so vivid? What story are these scenes trying to tell? Literary Analysis Guidelines 1. You are to write a literary analysis on one of the short stories we have read as a class this year. 1. What is a literary analysis? 1. A literary analysis is a written essay that breaks down certain elements of a piece of literature and explains their meaning and significance. 2. What should the literary analysis include? 1. Introduction paragraph: 1. Grabber 2. Brief summary of story (3-4 sentences, including the main characters?be sure to name the protagonist and antagonist, basic plot line, and setting) ? Thesis statement (example: John Doe uses exemplary foreshadow and irony in his short story, The Student, in order to keep the audience on the edge of theirseat.) 4. Paragraphs 2 & 3 1. For each paragraph, choose a separate literary element to analyze (foreshadow, irony, symbolism, characterization) 2. Describe how the author uses this literary element to enhance overall story. What is the author?s purpose in choosing such techniques?? For each paragraph, include at least two specific examples from the story. You must directly quote these from the story (example: The student carried his newbook with pride, (Doe). 6. Include a transition and topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph 7. Conclusion 1. Summarize the main ideas from your essay. 2. State the theme of the story. ? Include a personal reflection (one sentence) on the story (opinion, lesson learned, etc.) ? Writing DOs 1. DO be specific and descriptive (use vivid and precise vocabulary)DO stay focused:

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