Weapons in WW1

Weapons in World War I I chose the topic on weapons in the war because I thought it would be interesting learning about the weapons that people used in war. The most popular weapon used in war was probably the machine gun. Weapons were the most important things for the war. If they didn’t have weapons, maybe there wouldn’t even have been a war. Many weapons were even created during the war. The first tank to enter the war was owned by the Austrians. It was produced so there was a way to cross no-man’s-land. The reason I picked the photographs that I did is that I thought the guns and armory were a very important part of the war. The Mills Bomb was a grenade that was thrown. But later in the war it was modified and put on a steel rod and fired as a rifle grenade. The Amiens Gun was produced to be put on the railroad and was usually used to take out towns. The Lewis Machine Gun was the most popular machine gun in the war. It was gas-operated and air-cooled. This weapon is rumored to have shot down the well-known fighter plane, the Red Baron. The Tank in the war was mainly produced to cross rough lands and an area called no-man’s-land. They were underpowered and their tracks couldn’t support the weight of the tank in mud. These weapons played major roles in the destruction of every country in the war. As I have been doing my research I noticed that the Central powers invented most of the new weapons during the war. I have learnt that World War I was a gruesome battle in which many lives were lost. Bibliography Bibliography 1. Internet Address. http://www.iol.com.au/~conway/ww1/weapons.html 2. World Book Encyclopedia. Version 21, 1981. …

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