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Selecting the Best Web Conferencing Option to Suit the Organization During last Friday?s daily update briefing my team was informed to begin conducting research on some cost efficient choices to best suit our needs to effectively communicate to our counterparts located in remote locations. Rather than attempting to expunge the organizations financial resources by upgrading all our communication devices; our team decided the best option would be to source out this service and bring in a third party application via the internet to meet our teleconference requirements. Below is a list of several different software options with prosWeb Conferencing Programs Research Memo and cons to within each option. Software Requirements We met with the technical support team on Monday to verify the specifications of the systems from this location as well as all other locations which would utilize the web conferencing applications. Technical support ensured that all systems we running the latest update of Windows 8.1 and its hardware was compatible with all options listed below. Cisco WebEx Cisco?s WebEx option has three different packages to choose from depending on the amount of individuals are logging in the web conference prices range from $19 a month for 8 seats to $69 a month for 100 seats with an annual subscription. Some of the features that come within these premium plans are: Video conferencing (full screen up to 7 video feeds or split-screen) Share applications or your whole screen VoIP or phone call-in Markup tools and whiteboard Record meetings (including video) Free mobile apps Share the presenter role Adobe Connect Adobe Connect does not offer multiple packages like other options but does offer the ability to connect up to 99 individuals at a fixed price of $55 a month. Adobe connect comes with desktop sharing VOIP options mobile phone access. Remote control HD and SD video conferencing document sharing and virtual shareable whiteboard. Fuze Meeting Pro Fuze Meeting Pro is the newest option present but also comes with the highest price tag at $69 per month. Provides HD resolution Skype? integration highest rated graphic user interface and mobile capability as well as mobile support. However Fuze Meeting Pro was rated to use the most resources on system out of all of the option provided. These options were researched thoroughly by my team so we could provide the best option moving forward for our organization. If there is a need for a specific service that none of these options provide please inform myself or my team so that we can the process of looking for an application that we utilize within our working environment as well as our counterparts abroad. References Fuze Meeting Pro Videoconferencing at PC Magazine. (n.d.). Retrieved October 52014 from http://www.pcmag.com/article2/02817238811700.asp?tab=Specs Adobe Connect Features. (n.d.). Retrieved October 52014 from http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/features.html Cisco WebEx Meetings. (n.d.). Retrieved October 52014 from http://www.webex.com/products/web-conferencing.html”

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