WEB DuBois Presented Objectively

W.E. B. DuBois Presented Objectively William Edward Burghardt DuBois was an intellectual “Jack of All Trades.” DuBois was a scholar , activist, writer, and an international diplomat. During his time, he was at least involved in if not in the forefront of every movement advocating equal rights for African Americans. DuBois provided the impetus for numerous organizations and periodicals. Dubois dedicated a part of himself to numerous worthy causes, but that same generosity had a detrimental effect on the out come of his efforts. As a result of distributing his efforts amongst many worthy causes, DuBois rarely followed his individual dreams to complete fruition. Although DuBois may not have taken every step he could, he went farther than many people will ever go to better the lives of their people. DuBois made monumental contributions to history, politics, and to lives of African Americans that have been paralleled by few and eclipsed by none. DuBois discovered his purpose in life at the early age of twenty. Dubois was , he said “determined to make a scientific conquest of my environment , which would render the emancipation of the Negro race easier and quicker” (Stafford 35) . After discovering his purpose DuBois made a promise to himself and decided that he was devoting himself “toward a life that shall be an honor to the race ” (Stafford 35 ). The first obstacle DuBois encountered was gaining support from his own people. At the beginning of the twentieth century , Americas most prominent Black leader was Booker T. Washington. Washington believed that “Blacks should delay their campaign for political , social , and intellectual equality and concentrate chiefly on making economic gains ” ( 13 ). In contrast , DuBois thought Washington ” perpetuated the view that blacks were an inferior people ” ( 14 ) .Most people live their lives conforming to societys standards . “DuBois was a part of an elite group of Blacks wh…

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