Week 6 Discussion 1 questions ?Strategy Development? Please respond to the following: 1. Differentiate between each of the following strategies: 5directional, adaptive, market entry, competitive. Provide one example of each to support your response. 2. Provide one example of a specificvalue-added service, and demonstrate the fundamental manner in which the service in question would correspond to market entry or competitivestrategy. Week 6 Discussion 2 questions ?Strategic Alternatives? Please respond to the following: 1. Analyze the concept of a cost leadership strategy.Determine two specific challenges of using a cost leadership strategy successfully in healthcare. Suggest two actions that management could take in orderto mitigate these challenges. 2. Distinguish between vertical and horizontal integration. Provide one example of the successful implementation of eachwithin a healthcare organization.2007-2014 ResearchWritingCenter.com All Rights Reserved.Terms Of ServicelConfidentiality PolicyA I I ? I -fil!

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